Wednesday, April 16, 2014

RCAD#10/ Rolodex card a day/with my first fast forward video!!


  Today is an exciting one!  After oh, I don't know more years than I can count, I am finally getting a real hang of the fast forward, splitting videos, turning them right side up from the way they were filmed.  I should go out and play the lotto.

  Of course, I won't.  I've spent a little money buying some dies I really wanted at a really super price and it is now to go back into the saving mode.  I love saving when I can.  I know that our retirement years will be enjoyable.

  Today's RCAD I've entitled "Just Smile", that is what this card makes you want to do.  I saw a video on a mixed media post card today and I sketched out an image similar to the one I saw the girl use (she used a stamp) and I attached it to my RCAD.  I really enjoyed today's card and hope you will give these cards a try!  Thanks for stopping by!

  Stamp Happy be a blessing!  Enjoy the video!

RCAD#9 Rolodex card a day #9, tag pictures/project and our magnolia tree! Video progress!

  The sentiment on the RCAD reads, May you find Peace and love in the memories you cherish. All stamps are from Sweet and Sassy.  The die's are from Accucut Craft and Accucut Quilt.

  All supplies are mentioned in the video.  If you have any
 questions about today's project, Please email me at or click the contact me button.  You can view this video and other instructional/process video's directly on my youtube channel by clicking here.

  I hope you will enjoy today's video!  Stamp happy and be a blessing!

View the video here: 

Monday, April 14, 2014

RCAD #8 with video progress

Hello Crafty friends!
  I hope that you will enjoy today's RCAD #8.  It is a testament of my wonderful husband, my faith in Jesus and how love is the greatest gift we have ever been given.
  If you would like to learn more about salvation, Faith in Christ, please click here.
  I hope that you will give Rolodex Cards a try, if not RCAD's, I hope you will do something to reflect your artistic side.  Do something everyday that will bring you joy and happiness.

  Stamp Happy and be a blessing!

Dragonfly ATC/RCAD #5 with video

Ok, Some how I forgot to post this to my blog.  Here is the RCAD#5, the one based upon a Dragonfly ATC I made for a swap.  You will see, I stayed true to the ATC (Artist trading card) idea and enjoyed the process of turning it into an RCAD.

Enjoy the video!
Stamp Happy and be a blessing!