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The "dot com" has arrived

Monday, May 4, 2015

Hello Friends!

  I can't begin to sing the praises of the cutest blog on the block  and Becky for transferring everything to the new dot com location.  I've been waiting for the transformation to happen for a while.  Between my schedule conflicts (and dare I admit it) incorrect information it delayed the process  by a little bit.

  Youtube, Etsy, Ebay all those links still work.  There are at current two (lonely) items on Ebay for sale however, more will be coming.

Below is a tag that I created for the Creating the Crafty life website.  It is a one on one swap and it was really fun to work with the garden theme.  It kinda shows on video, but this is one big tag!

Your comments and questions are always welcome and I look forward to bringing you even more fun and great crafts right here on!

Stamp Happy and be a blessing!

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Mother's Day card and entry regarding my birth Family

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hello Friends!

  Here is the video of the card I made for my birth mother, Dorthy.

I do get several comments, emails (etc.) regarding my relationship with her.  Dorothy is a nice enough person and she isn't that old, only 65 years old.  She was 14 when I was born.  Even though she was married to my biological father at the time I was born, my entrance into the world was the result of statutory rape.  The estimations I've received has he (James Bone, no more information on him) was between 35 and 40 years old at the time of my conception.

I was told all of my life that my parents had died in a car accident.  I didn't know the truth until I was nearly 47 years old.  Talk about a story for another day...

Back to Dorthy.  She only has a 4th grade education.  Even though she can read and write, her cognition and understanding of things is stuck in the position of a 10 year old or maybe even a really young teen age girl. I try to be kind and will call her on mother's day.

A long story short I was literally taken from her arms.  I was 9 months old and was so small I was under 10 pounds.  There is much more detail than I really am comfortable with sharing, but I was neglected and abused.  My sister was two months old when my parents took her to the ER for "stomach" flu, she was found to be emaciated  sick and week. She was taken by the state on Feb. 14, 1966.

The hard cold fact was I was so malnourished and abused that I was admitted in what is now a PICU at a local hospital  for more than 2 weeks until I was strong and well enough to be placed in a foster home.  I was with my foster parents until I was 3 or 4 ... no I don't remember them.  That woman saved my life. She had me sitting, and crawling and eating and walking within a few months of my arrival.

My life would be a long ass "Dr. Phil" episode.  One day, as I have told my husband (who said he would help) I'm going to write a book "You won't believe this shit"....

Stamp Happy and be a blessing!


Pocket Letter Embellishment Swap -- With Video

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Welcome to the second Swap I have hosted on-line.

You will be making Four sets of Five embellishments for Pocket letter's.  These can be no bigger than 2 1/4 X 3 1/2" finished. In other words, you will be making 20 embellishments or cards in total.  

They need to be Red ,White and Blue themed.  You can make a finished card or the embellishments to put on top of a finished card.  However you would like to interpret the theme is fine.  Please make sure the packaging of your swaps is nice. 

Each package should have your name and contact information inside the package.  It needs to be readable even if the package is sealed.  This avoids confusion when it is time for these to be sorted and sent back out.

Sign ups from April 22, 2015 until May 1, 2015.  The swaps are due in my hands no later than June 5. Giving everyone more than a month to complete the swaps.  International swappers are welcome.  Please allow two additional weeks for them to arrive to me and two weeks after the swaps go postal to return.

Please provide adequate return postage.  A self-addressed stamped envelope with the same amount of postage you used to send me the package with one extra stamp.  If the extra stamp is not needed it will be returned.  The other option is that you can Paypal me postage. I prefer to use a flat rate envelope for return and those are $5.05 US.  

Please note, the group you start off in, may not be the group you are in when the swap closes.  Why?People drop out and all that jazz.  Final swap groups will be listed when the swap closes.  

Please email me at with any questions put "embellishment" swap in the subject line.

Mail your swap to:
Loretta Rodger
PO Box 37081
Laurel, MD 20709

Group One:
1.Loretta Rodger

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*UPDATED Post* Two Chemo buddy cards one with progress video!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hello everyone!

Before I get into this post, Please note, my blog will soon become just a good old fashion web site!  It will be! Check back frequently for more information and news!

I hope you have all had a great day!  I have enjoyed some stamping time.  I completed two cards for my Chemo Buddies.

Please enjoy the two video's!  

Here is the progress video showing the second card I made today.

One of the most frequent questions I have been asked recently is about the black stamping matt. It is called the Sizzix Stampers Secret weapon.  You can buy them just about any where.  I purchased mine from Amazon.

 Darcie's also makes one, as does Sugar Loaf.  You could easily make one out of several layers of something like fun Foam.  They act just like the pad under the old rubber stamps we used to use.  They offer the opportunity to even out the pressure your hand transfers to the surface while stamping helping to insure a smooth surface.  Please email me directly for more information!

Stamp Happy and be a blessing!

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